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Meet the Team

Who are we? Just 3 generations of girls -Grandma, mom and Daughter-  having fun while wanting to entertain and educate children through the power of make believe, play and games.

Glenda Barrios

La Yeya

La Yeya is Xiana's grandmother; she has a Bachelors degree in Education and was an Elementary School teacher in Venezuela (her home country) for over 20 years and currently works as a Spanish Teacher for Broward County Public Schools in Florida.

She has a crazy passion for teaching and absolutely loves children, the best thing is... that children love her back ♥

Fun fact: Yeya's nickname was given to her by Xiana when she just started talking. She couldn't say "Abuela" so she said "Yeya"

Gleni Rinzivillo


Gleni is a mom of two and the creator of El Mundo de Xiana, also she is the person in charge of recording and editing all of Xiana's and Yeya's videos, which is really fun 🙂

Gleni has a degree in Business Administration and because of her creativity and always looking for new things to do, she has been working in the Entertainment industry for the past 5 years.

Fun Fact: Mama and Xiana have a monthly date to go get mani's and pedi's together!

Xiana Rinzivillo

Our Little Star

Xiana is a very energetic, intelligent and super happy toddler that loves learning, being in front of a camera, drawing and playing with her toys, friends/cousins and specially with her Yeya.

She sings the good morning song to her baby brother every morning at soon as she wakes up and some of her favorite activities are going to the beach, reading stories, helping mama cook and jumping in trampolines!

Fun Fact: Xiana has been Vegan since birth and her favorite meal is pasta!

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