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Join Xiana and Yeya in their new adventures as they explore the world of imagination through learn by playing. They will be speaking in English and Spanish to help kids familiarize themselves with two of the most spoken languages in the WORLD... not Just Xiana's World 🙂

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El Mundo de Xiana - Xiana's World

El mundo de Xiana fue creado con la intención de traer entretenimiento a los niños del mundo de una manera sana y divertida!  Mientras que ellos exploran su imaginación con la guiatura de Yeya, una profesional en educación por mas de 30 anos!

Por lo cual ella ha creado planilla educativas para ayudar a los ocupados padres a entretener a sus niños mientras que ellos aprenden y juegan en el Mundo de Xiana.

We bring to you videos, songs, puppets, games and educational worksheets that can be used at home or at School

  • In our videos your kids will find interaction with a native Spanish and English speakers (Yeya and Xiana) through songs, props, puppets, toys and animations.
  • Your kids will be learning by playing in active communication with educational props and a well planned curriculum.
  • Easy communication with children through another kid (Xiana) and a Professional Teacher with over 30 years of experience (Yeya)
  • It uses emotional memory, which makes the learning more effective
  • Parents are able to track the progress of their children, while encouraged and shown how to practice with them at home all the terms and theories learned
  • Continuity of education from Preschool to primary school, and they don't even realized they are learning 🙂


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